Indigenous Plants

We grow a limited number of Indigenous Plants. For indigenous palms please visit
“Our Palms” section.
We grow a lot of Strelizias, including Strelizia reginae, the Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise.
We have Strelizia nicolai of small sizes in bags or large sizes of up to 5 m ex ground.
Aloe barberae make super feature plants. We supply up to 2.5 m in height.
Enquire for a stock and price list.


Heliconias add a touch of the tropics to your garden.  Most Heliconias are summer flowering plants.  Most of them produce very showy, long lasting flowers. Some of them make very good cut flowers.
The flowers are either upright or pendulous (hanging). Most flowers are in the red / orange / yellow color range.  We stock the more common ones – the more rare ones on request.
Always in stock:
Heliconia rostrata
Heliconia carabea purpurea
Heliconia latispatha


We supply large quantites of Cycad thoursii and Cycas revoluta to the trade.
We also stock a good range in indigenous plants.
We can export under certain conditions although export laws are getting stricter all the time.
Please contact us for more details.

Ornamental Bananas

Ornamental Bananas are fast growing and showy, and in order to avoid wind damage to their undivided leaves, it is best to place them in a protected area. They grow best in full sun.
We presently stock Musa ensette, M. velutina, M. concinnia and a few M. superbum.


These are also known as Travellers palms or Travellers trees, and are the national tree of Madagascar.It is a 2 dimensional plant that grows in one plane. A very good screening plant, that provides a bit of privacy in one’s garden. Ravenalas are very showy plants and can be used as feature plants in a lot of gardens. They need to be grown full sun.

We stock all sizes, from seedlings to large 3 m specimen plants.

Staghorn Ferns

Staghorn ferns are unique epiphytic plants, botanically known as Platyceriums. They come as multi headed or single headed plants.  World wide there are 18 different species available.
We have the following species for sale:
Platycerium bifurcatum in hanging baskets.
         =         superbum
         =         alcicorne
Others on request.
Staghorn ferns make outstanding feature plants on trees, especially on palm tree trunks.

Foliage type Anthuriums are not yet well known in South Africa.
Anthurium andreanum produces a long lasting cut flower, almost a plastic look-a-like, and is commonly available in supermarkets these days.
Foliage type plants come in a wide variety, from the King Anthurium  (A. veitchii)
to velvet leave type plants like A. crystallinium or A. papilanium. Birdsnest type
Anthuriums are for shady areas and are rewarding foliage type plants.
Phone or email us for more info.

We supply fresh seeds of Palms and Strelizias in any quantity.
Phone or email us for your requirements.