Our Palms

We have a large selection of palms available.
Landscaping with palms has a lot of advantages such as:

  1. Palms grow to a specific size, therefore it is easy to plan the space requirements.
  2. Palms add that special touch to a garden.
  3. Palms are not messy. This is important in a pool area.
  4. Palms do not lift foundations as their root section stays the same. Obviously we have to plan for a large diameter of an adult size tree. This is important as a Royal palm, for example, can get a stem diameter of up to a meter at the base.

For those palm types that transplant well, we can supply the following ex-ground:

  1. Dypsis lutescens  (Bamboo Palm) up to 3 meters in height
  2. Ptychosperma elegans  (Solitaire Palm) up to 3 m in height
  3. Trachycarpus fortunei  (Chinese Windmill Palm) up to 2.3 m in height
  4. Veitchii montgommeriana   up to 2.5 m in height

Phone us for the latest prices.

Indigenous palms

Unfortunately there are only 5 indigenous palms to South Africa:
We stock Raphia australis (Kosi Bay Palm, tree of the year in 2006) and Phoenix reclinata (the Wild Date Palm).  We also have seedlings of Jubeaopsis caffra (the Pondoland Coconut) and Hyphaene coriacea (the Ilala Palm).  Borrasus aethiopum on request.

Collectors Palms

We grow a large range of collectors palms. We are also well connected to the trade to supply what we don’t have in stock.
Johannesteysmanias, Licualas, Calyptrocalyx, Chambeyronias, Latanias, Verschafeltii`s etc. are all very showy and ornamental plants. Most of them are easy to grow and care for. A lot of them are smallish type plants that fit easily into a small garden. Some of the larger species require a fair amount of space and need a medium to large garden.
Come and visit us to select what will be a feature plant in your garden.

Palm and other Seedlings

We stock large quantities of palm seedlings in community pots or planted out in plastic
bags or pots.
Request an up to date list of available seedlings.